Do you built DIY as well?

We build DIY models with 250gsm paper and fantastic skills for cutting and pasting.

What is your shipping policy if I want a DIY?

We ship worldwide. The shipping charges apply apart from the DIY build. You can inbox/mail us your location to know more about shipping charges.

How can I request a customised model?

You can send us an enquiry and specify which car model you would love to get built.

What is the payment method to be used?

We use PayPal to receive overseas payments. In India you can also use PayTm for payments.

Can you do a free model for me?

You can send us a free model request which may be considered later on.

How do I know about your next built?

Stay tuned to out social media pages and handlers.We share information regarding the next built on these platforms.

What if I want a car with furnished interiors as well?

A customised built of interior can be requested independent of the car models available.

Can I share your works on social media platform?

Feel free to share our work and don't forget to tag us.

Do you have any collaboration/tie ups?

Currently we don't have any collaborations or tie ups.

Can I use your works for commercial purpose?

The works by SkyDrafter are protected under Copyright Act and cannot be used for commerical purposes by anyone.

Still having an unaswered question?

Send us an enquiry!